Available Projects


The Watchmaker (Seed funded – March 2015)

Feature film – Drama/comedy

PITCH – When a 20-year-old Auckland party-girl finds out she has a grandfather in Wales she sets off to meet him and their worlds collide with a bang. They bond through a love of art, but in order to heal she must face a shocking revelation and overcome her destructive lifestyle.

Shadow Walker

Feature film – Action/Sci fi.

A troubled priest makes the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his mortal life to be reborn as a ‘Shadow walker.’  As a warrior priest, he must find balance between good and evil/night and day as he comes to terms with his new supernatural powers and the demonic war that rages about him.

From the Edge of Dreams

Feature film – Young adult Fantasy

A feisty ten year old girl goes to stay with her uncle in his strange “Olde shop of curiosities,” to recover from an illness. She soon finds out that every item in the shop has a story which revolves around her Uncle’s travels. These stories weave in with the main story as things get weirder and weirder until finally she begins to doubt her uncle’s identity. But can she accept the truth?


Feature film – Comedy

A fish out of water comedy about an uncultured slob who witnesses the murder of a young artist and gets a little more than he bargained for – being stuck with her angry ghost hell bent on revenge.


The Ghostly Haunts

Feature film – Horror

PITCH – Wellington – 1920. When an enigmatic Doctor invites five members of the ‘Society for Psychical Research’ back to his ‘haunted house’ he gives them proof of the afterlife they’ve been searching for. But to tell the world, they first must survive the night…

The Ghostly Haunts poster

The Puzzle Box

Feature Film – Family drama

PITCH – Many years in the future, Christmas is a distant memory. Life is utopian but drab and boring. That is, until a curious teenager finds an old puzzle box that contains the secret of Christmas. A desperate chase ensues as he tries to unlock its secrets before the authorities catch up with him and destroy it.

The Driver

Feature Film – Drama

When a 25 year old Jewish care giver meets an old Polish man at a New Zealand retirement village they strike up a friendship. Old wounds are opened when the caregiver finds out that the old man was Hitler’s personal driver. Will he take him for a final drive?


Feature Film – Sci fi/Thriller

A young girl with the strange ability of leaving her body during sleep meets a group of likewise individuals. They adventure into the dream world as they try to map its landscape but find more than they bargained for in the dark shadows that linger there.


Feature film – Psychological thriller

When a reclusive poet moves to the small town of Ripple Bay, she soon realizes that it isn’t the idyllic hideaway she hoped for. Some say the water there is treacherous, some say haunted. When people near her begin drowning in the bay she is dragged into an age-old mystery. Not only will she unlock the town’s dark past but she’ll also reveal a family secret about who she really is.

Ripple poster